We want a world where income doesn’t affect education. So we’re on a mission to use the power of tutoring to smash the barriers in learning and enable every child to succeed.

Tutors United deliver confidence-boosting, attainment-raising tutorials to some of Planet Earth’s coolest primary school pupils. We are committed to bring the benefits of tutoring to every child, ensuring their socio-economic background doesn’t hinder how much they can achieve in life.

We do this by employing and training inspiring university students to deliver after school small group tuition in core subjects with a specially devised curriculum, designed by expert teachers. We are the affordable option for parents and Housing Associations who want to see fantastic results for primary school children who need an extra boost.

Our Story So Far…


Our founder, Joel, went to a local North-London state school and grew up in a free-school-meals household.


He started tutoring his 10-year-old cousin who needed extra support for his dyslexia. Private tuition was not an option.


His cousin jumped from a level 3 to a level 4 in Maths and English in just a year and showed him the power of tutoring.


He finished school and college with great grades, including A*s at GCSE level.

Late 2012

Despite his success, university aspirations were dampened by high fees and a requirement of 2 years work experience.


Joel looked back on the huge impact tutoring had made for his cousin. If such an impact could be made for one child, what could be achieved if bright university students could do it for thousands? This sparked the idea for Tutors United.


Since then, the organisation is 10 members strong, has hired and trained 500 tutors and been enjoyed by 2,000 pupils.