Tutors United specialise in delivering family learning initiatives, focusing on primary school pupils in partnership with housing associations to maximise the potential of their young residents.

Our flagship Tutoring Young Residents programme is a family learning initiative targeting families with children aged 8-11 in key social housing areas and providing free, small group, after-school tuition in core subjects. We also offer ongoing support and training to parents to enhance their own literacy and numeracy so they can better support their child’s learning at home and operate confidently, effectively, and independently in life and work.

By working closely with parents, pupils, and tutors, our programme strategically produces outcomes on:

  • Youth employment
  • Volunteering
  • Academic attainment
  • Adult training
  • Community regeneration
  • Financial inclusion (by incorporating money management)

Through the medium of an interactive family-based Maths and English tuition programme.

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Interested? Get in touch!

If you are interested in having Tutors United deliver programmes across your housing locations or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the relevant Head of Regions:

Greer Mulcahey Banks (Head of Regions – North) – greer.mulchaheybanks@tutorsunited.org

Olivia Meade (Head of Regions – South) – olivia.meade@tutorsunited.org