Want to make a real difference to young lives and get invaluable paid work experience all before you graduate? Well you’re in the right place.

By becoming a TU tutor, you get to support some of the country’s coolest primary school pupils, strengthen your skill set and have fun while doing it!

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Break free from the uni routine of lectures, essays and the library to tutor your TU pupils once a week.

Excel in every class with access to our resources and lesson plans that’ll help you prepare fun activities and games in advance.

Mid-afternoon is TU time when you’ll head to your site or log in online.

The best part; deliver your lessons to your superstar pupils!

Last thing for the day is to upload lesson feedback so all those intrigued parents can find out about their child’s progress.

Tutor Case Studies


Darlene’s one bit of advice to a new tutor:

“Be patient with yourself. Understanding the way you learn is key, and so is challenging yourself to teach in ways you do not learn. Think about how awesome it is that you are affecting lives, even if in a small way. Do not let that scare you, let it motivate you.”


Darlene is a member of Tutor United’s Alumni and was a Tutor in the 2017-2018 cohort whilst studying Public Health at university.

Tutoring was something that Darlene had never done before, but lack of experience didn’t stop her! The prospect of a new experience was actually what encouraged her to apply for the Tutor role; she had always found joy in helping people understand concepts and wanted to apply this in a context where she could help young people specifically.

Darlene tutored Maths and English to 8 bright pupils, giving back to the local Lambeth community. She describes her time as a tutor as challenging at first but also inspiring and impactful!

After TU, Darlene started a new chapter by moving across the pond to Atlanta, Georgia! Continuing on from her degree in Public Health, she began studying on a Pre-Medicine Program.

Darlene notes that tutoring helped her effectively prepare for Med school, reassuring her that balancing work and school was possible, and developed skills in time management and organisation.

Darlene is a valued member of our Tutor Alumni and we are excited to see where her passion for helping people takes her in her medical career!

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Meet Michael! He is an international student in the first year of his Optometry degree and joined Tutors United as a Tutor in January 2019.

Michael signed up for the Tutor role because he has a passion for helping others and loves the idea that something he knows and can teach could really help someone else. Michael recalls that in his home country, education was not easily accessible, so he would like to do his part to help others access education more easily.

Since his first TU class, Michael notes that he has developed soft skills, such as patience and confidence. At the same time, he has also developed leadership skills by having to work independently and take on the responsibility of all pupils in his class. He also adds that he has become more adaptable through the Tutor role and is able to adjust lessons to make them fun and deliver them in other ways to make sure his pupils all understand.

When looking back on his proudest moment so far, Michael says it ‘was when my student, who usually struggles the most with Mathematics in the class, completed all his work without requesting help (he even managed the extension task!)’

Michael says that one of his favourite parts of the lesson is hearing the pupils’ stories from school.

One challenge that Michael has overcome is realising that not all children can understand something from one perspective and being able to adapt and deliver lessons from different angles.

Michael has been a fantastic Tutor to our Cambridge pupils, and we are excited to invite him back for next year’s cohort!

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What one bit of advice would Priyanka give to a new tutor?     

“Don’t let the fear of a challenge stop you. Tutoring children may seem daunting but, the reward of seeing your positive impact on your pupil’s lives is priceless.”


Say hello to Priyanka.

Priyanka joined the TU Tutor cohort in January 2019 whilst studying for a degree in Education Studies.

Priyanka chose to become a TU Tutor because she wanted to do something fulfilling in her free time and the opportunity to tutor children from disadvantaged backgrounds was the perfect way to do this! She also wanted to gain more experience working in an educational setting as she aspires to work in the same field after graduating.

This specific role really interested Priyanka as it gave her the chance to work with young people outside of a traditional educational setting such as a school classroom.

Since becoming a Tutor, Priyanka has developed several skills: she is much quicker at thinking on her feet and has become more creative in resolving problems that arise. The role has also allowed her to become more self-sufficient and organised with her time. This has been extremely helpful considering that Priyanka is studying full-time. In a social sense, she feels much more connected to her local community as she feels like she is giving something back.

Priyanka has described her proudest moment as a TU Tutor so far was when ‘one of my pupils lacked motivation and was refusing to write anything. We decided to have a little chat and it turned out that he lacked motivation due to some comments from school. After hearing this, I gave him a little pep talk and told him that he could do anything he put his mind to. Telling him that I believed in him completely changed his attitude and inspired him to get writing. I was so proud of his resilience and determination to prove his capability.’

Priyanka’s favourite lesson to teach was an English lesson on performance poetry; she really loved how interactive and hands-on it was. The kids did a fantastic job of grasping the literature and then making it their own through short performances.

Priyanka would describe her time as a Tutor as: “Exciting. Insightful. Rewarding.”

Priyanka has been a wonderful addition to our 2018-2019 Tutor Cohort and we hope she continues with us as she enters her third year of university. Thanks for all your hard work Priyanka!

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