By bridging the gap between school and home, we support Year 4 to 6 pupils who often find Maths and English hard. We subtract the scariness from learning and add the fun.

The result of supporting them for at least a year is:

Becoming confident in learning and thrive as independent learners – this is crucial!

Making academic progress in Maths and English.

Having a successful transition into secondary school, entering Year 7 at and above the national average.

Since we began our exciting booster classes...

Want to see how well we did in 2017 – 2018?

On average, pupils increased their Maths results by 51% after 13 hours of tutoring.

By the end of the programme, 63% of pupils were achieving the top three writing standards (Year 4, 5 & 6).

99% of our pupils have a household income below £30,000 per year.

95% of our pupils are from households in receipt of means-tested benefits: housing benefit, working tax credit, and council tax relief.

48% of our pupils have English as an additional language.