TU Booster Series

We know it’s frustrating when your children are struggling and not making the amazing academic progress they are capable of. We know it’s even harder trying to help them when the topics and methods are completely different to what and how you were taught. You’re not alone; many parents face this problem.

Too often, pupils either struggle in silence with Maths and English or don’t get the extra boost that they need to soar to the top of the class. With the extortionate cost of tutoring, it’s even harder for families to get specialist support….

This is why we have brought forward the launch of our BOOSTER SERIES!


Our Booster Series are effective and affordable webinar tutorials for primary school pupils looking for an extra academic BOOST!

How does it work?

Two 30 minute webinar tutorials per week
Two 30 minute webinar tutorials per week

Each series runs 10:30-11:00am on various days of the week.

Exclusive resources and homework
Exclusive resources and homework

Each tutorial will end with a Q&A session and will be complimented by resources and homework to keep pupils engaged.

Affordable at only £20 per series
Affordable at only £20 per series

Each webinar tutorial is just £2.50 - that's less than a cup of coffee!

Trained and experienced tutors
Trained and experienced tutors

All our tutors are DBS checked and trained to deliver engaging content by our specialist team of education professionals.

Access to live and recorded webinars online
Access to live and recorded webinars online

After registering, you will receive an email with a login and password that you can use to access live and recorded webinars online.

Specially devised to tackle tricky topics
Specially devised to tackle tricky topics

Each series targets topics pupils commonly struggle with.

New series available each month
New series available each month

Each month we will release new webinar series in both English and Maths.


Who are these Booster Series for?

Our Booster Series are directed at children in year 5, but may be suitable for years 4 and 6 depending on ability level.

Are the tutorials fun and interactive?

Our webinar tutorials are delivered by our amazing, engaging tutors who strive to make all of their sessions as fun and exciting as possible.

Does £20 cover both subjects?

All of our series are designed to tackle specific areas, so each subject is a separate series. If you wish to take part in both our Maths and English Booster Series you will need to select both at check out.

Why is it only £20? What is the catch?

Don’t worry, there is no catch!

Will I be billed automatically each month?

We will email you to keep you in the loop of the next month’s exciting Booster Series topics and give you the option to join in.

Does my child have to be on a webcam?


Who delivers the tutorials?

We have a number of amazing tutors who will be delivering the webinars to your children. All of our tutors are DBS checked and fully trained to give your child the best experience!

How have you picked the topics that will be covered?

After 8 years of tutoring over 1,000 pupils to make outstanding progress, we have identified the areas where pupils commonly struggle across lessons, assessments and formal exams. Therefore, we have pulled apart the trickiest units, which are essential for pupils to understand, and created tailored, in-depth tutorials to ensure they can rapidly increase their progress.

Will joining the Booster Bunch affect my participation on the TYR programme?

Not one bit. If you are a current parent with a child on the TYR programme or are on the waiting list, your position will not be affected.

How do I sign up?

Sign up using the button below!

How do I use my discount code?

Apply your discount code at checkout in the field provided.