Meet Our Tutors: Oliver

Our wonderful tutors making everything we do at Tutors United possible. We think they’re awesome and we wanted to help everyone else get to know them a little better!

Oliver is one of our Booster Tutors. As a Mathematics student at Kings College London, he expertly provides Maths tutoring through our online lessons on the Booster Series. We asked him what it’s like work with our amazing Booster Series pupils!

Why do you enjoy working with and supporting children?

I enjoy seeing the progress made and the confidence gained by the children. I also enjoy showing them that maths can be fun!

What do you enjoy about the Booster Series?

I enjoy the faster pace and the thinking-on-your-feet element. You also have to explain things well and quickly, and make sure questions are answered for the kids. It’s challenging but rewarding to see how just 30 minutes can help kids understand a topic.

What can the Booster pupils expect from you? How do you like to tutor? How do you want to support your pupils?

They can expect a session that generally introduces a topic, gives a worked example, then gives questions for the class to try. I will give explained solutions, verbally in the interest of time but I will write them out if anyone doesn’t understand. I like to tutor by identifying what they don’t understand and then explaining concepts and methods fully. I want to support the pupils by teaching them as much as I can and maybe even get them to enjoy maths.

What is your proudest moment as a Booster Tutor so far?

I’m very proud of consistently getting a 4.5-5* rating in the class feedback from pupils. It means they understand and I am helping them.

What is a fun or interesting fact about yourself?

I am currently part of a team that is building a rocket that will hopefully reach 500 metres in altitude! And I love dogs.

If you’re interested in trying one of our brilliant Booster Series topic in January, sign up for a Free Taster Lesson by clicking the link below!

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