The Educational Expectation Of Immigrant Parents


I was raised in a working-class, migrant family.

My mum was a housewife – whilst my dad worked.

My parents grew up with minimal education in Pakistan therefore instilled and implemented the value of education and how it can break the barriers of poverty.

I felt a lot of pressure to achieve the best grades and make my family proud. Higher education such as attending university is enforced onto many young people from migrant backgrounds, parents wanting to fulfil their educational dream through their children is real.

By no means am I discouraging higher education or the importance of education, I believe that every child is entitled to equal opportunities and the right to learn. But within certain communities, more so my own.

Education and grades have become a competition between parents and that negatively impacts a child and did for me. It can make a child feel unworthy or ‘dumb’ just because they are not achieving as well as expected, and constantly being compared to someone similar in age.

The concept of education has been blurred to the extent that not achieving the highest grade, alludes to the idea that the continuation of learning Is pointless.

Education is more than achieving the best grades, it is learning about the world around us, empathising with others and building our own opinions.

This blog was established based on making others aware that you may not be an A* student or are struggling to meet expectations. But if you are trying your best, that is all that matters.

Knowledge and intellect cannot be measured, nor should they be compared to other’s achievements. I wanted to create an environment where everyone is accepted, an environment where we do not pressure others to conform to an idea of intelligence.

Learning should be fun and exciting, not a hostile environment that secludes students, that is the greatness of Tutors United. Grades hold no value, progress and enthusiasm do.

Maryum Mahmood – Programme Administrator


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